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RATHGEBER celebrates his 70th company anniversary at Hoch5 in Munich

Labelling specialist RATHGEBER celebrated its 70th company anniversary in his home town Munich. Hoch5 almost seemed fated to host this symbolic celebration with plenty of atmosphere. The building is located in the Werksviertel, a new creative quarter in the east of Munich, close to RATHGEBER’s birthplace in Claude-Lorrain-Strasse. This vibrant district is currently being redeveloped for the future.

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Conversion of the 3D classic ROYALPLAST to mercury-free polyurethane

At the beginning of the year 2018, the 3D classic ROYALPLAST will be produced exclusively mercury-free. Find out more here

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Scales of every kind for every need

For scales with a variety of uses, RATHGEBER offers a range of materials, printing and production technologies that provide the answer to your demands for precision and durability.

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Infrared spectroscopy for material analysis and quality control

With infrared spectroscopy, the composition of any surface can be determined; the result is a chemical fingerprint of each sample in the form of an infrared spectrum. RATHGEBER is now using this possibility to monitor and analyse defects as part of its quality assurance programme.

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Individual shapes and surfaces for your plates and letterings

To customise the design of your plates and lettering, harness the production expertise offered by RATHGEBER: Thanks to our own toolmaking facility, which has been in operation for decades, the possibilities for your personal ideas are virtually limitless.

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New quality in sub-eloxal printing on aluminium

A higher-quality printing quality is available right now for you in sub-anodised digital printing. It offers a finer resolution in vignettes and pictures, as well as a greater variety of materials for printing.

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Packaging finishing

Finish your packaging with fine, three-dimensional lettering, logos and emblems and highlight the quality of your products in the process. Make the most of the wide range of possibilities that RATHGEBER can offer you for your particular, customised design.

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Surface finishing for aluminium plates

RATHGEBER is extending its wealth of production technologies with new grinding and brushing methods for aluminium plates and lettering. This means that even customised and complex requirements can be met. 

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Dealer labelling

Get noticed at the point of sale! Grab the attention of your target group thanks to well-positioned identifiers in the store. To help you highlight your brand and its services effectively, we have a wealth of materials, printing and finishing options available for your customised design.

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Vehicle livery

RATHGEBER offers a variety of solutions for the customisable identification of your vehicles(e.g. utility vehicles, trailers, cars) and other outdoor applications that mean every demand is met as comprehensively as possible.

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