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Heat embossing printing

Heat embossing printing - plate | RATHGEBER | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG


With heat embossing printing, a motif is transferred onto the printing substrate using a printing plate. The plate is heated and printed in conjunction with a wax-like colour ribbon onto the the printing substrate. The heat of the plate melts the ink on the ink ribbon and transfers it to the printing substrate. Heat embossing printing is suitable for labels on rolls or on sheets. 

The benefits for you

  • Subsequent sealable lettering can be printed using the "flap laminated version"
  • All inks are sealed as standard under a protective film
  • Consecutive numbering (-> therefore customisation) is possible


  • Various films
  • Security films (e.g. VOID film, RPS)

Possible uses

  • Suitable for labels on a roll

RATHGEBER offers heat embossed labels as sheet products for the following applications:

  • Product security (security labels with VOID film, for example)
  • Labelling
  • Warning notices
  • Storage (inscribable labels)
  • Economical dealer labelling
  • Company labels
  • Functional parts
  • After testing, also suitable for automatic dispensing

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