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Aluminium plate 3D with micro-printing | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG


Micro-printing is a highly touchable and yet ultra-precise type of printing suitable for use on a wide variety of RATHGEBER surfaces. Printing can be performed in various colours or with clear varnish. Customised designs and logos can be created.

The benefits for you

  • Enhanced look and feel of surface finishes

  • Structures, such as wood or brushed metal, can be mimicked

  • Customised designs available

  • Combination options with a variety of finishes


  • Special ink system
  • Special varnish system

Possible uses

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The current situation regarding coronavirus (Covid-19) is posing major challenges for businesses worldwide. As a responsible company, we are taking all measures necessary to minimise the consequences of the spread of the virus for our customers, all our employees, their families and the general public across all our locations.

The RATHGEBER Group is also doing everything in its power to keep our business operations up and running without any restrictions. Our production sites in Mindelheim (Germany) and Bystrice (Czech Republic) have adapted to the situation so that your orders can be reliable fulfilled as usual.

We can ensure continued rapid response and resolution times and our usual service. Our sales and customer service teams have partly switched to remote working and are available to assist you on the usual contact details via telephone, Email and Audio-/ Video conferences. We are also happy to support you with samples and all needed information regarding your questions to your projects and ideas.

If we have delays or limitations regarding deliveries will occur, we will inform you of course immediately.

Stay healthy!


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