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Climate tests

RATHGEBER Test equipment: Climate chamber for determining the weather resistance | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG

What if you need our products to be resistant to extreme weather conditions?

We test our products so they meet special adverse weather requirements with precise, standard-compliant simulations in our climate chamber. These simulations include service life and stability tests according to internationally recognised standards (such as PV 1200).

Climate chamber functionality:

  • Temperature ranges: -40°C to +180°C
  • Air humidity: 0–98% rel. humidity

General assessment factors for testing climatic extremes:

  • Material deformation (shrinking/stretching)
  • Detachment of materials
  • Adhesive properties
  • Failure temperature (for RFID/NFC tags or safety-relevant features)

RATHGEBER offers a number of test methods, including the following:

  • PV 1200 (Cyclical testing of climatic extremes)
  • Quick tests (approx. five days)
  • Long-term tests (approx. 10 days)
  • Individual tests