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3D labels - ROYALPLAST®

ROYALPLAST® is a versatile, intelligent finish featuring a transparent, lens-shaped, ‘self-healing’ protective layer made from a special polyurethane mix.

ROYALPLAST® is available in a variety of forms: with relief embossing, as lettering, for curved surfaces (Convex) or as a combination of materials with AcrylicAluminium plates 3DMetal plates or CHROMOTION®

Reference to the use of mercury-free polyurethane


Technical data
  • MaterialPolyurethane mix
  • Material thickness

    Approx. min 0.8mm Approx. max 2mm (depending on the label size)

  • Surface finishing

    Material combination with Acrylic platesAluminium plates 3D, Metal plates, CHROMOTION®

  • Printmethod

    Digital printing, Screen printing

  • Fixation

    Self-adhesive (Special adhesive for extreme requirements)

  • Resistance to

    Diluted alkalis and acids, Alcohols, Chemical cleaning agents, UV radiation, Mechanical stress, Unleaded petrol, Diesel, Weathering

  • Product additional options

    ROYALPLAST® Relief: Logos, lettering and symbols can be emphasised using relief embossing.

    ROYALPLAST® Relief Plus: The combination of acrylic and ROYALPLAST® can be printed on various levels, permitting an especially effective depth effect for emblems.

    ROYALPLAST® Konvex: A 3-dimensional, flexible advertising plate for areas curved on one side, such as pipes, handles and profiles. Perfect adhesion properties, no recoil effect after adhesion thanks to pre-curving.

    ROYALPLAST® Schriftzüge: 3-dimensional, flexible lettering - pre-mounted on transfer film. Special self-adhesive systems even for areas which are difficult to stick to.

    Identification systems with coding and numberingRFID-/NFC-solutions

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Processing aids

RATHGEBER supplies a number of tools for working with ROYALPLAST®, including

  • Templates
  • Positioning aids and markers
  • Adhesive back paper is split for easier application
  • Labelling/coding of products with your individual item numbers for unique identification and assignment
  • etc.

We would be happy to work with you to create custom tools that are specially tailored to your needs, so you can save valuable time and money.

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