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3D emblems and seal with partial finishing made of ROYALPLAST®

3D logos and emblems made of ROYALPLAST® can in combination with other finishing technologies place especially fine accents on items such as packaging, perfumes, drinks bottles and special editions.

ROYALPLAST® is characterised by intelligent finishing using a transparent, lenticular and self-healing protective layer made from a special polyurethane mixture. This PU mixture is cast for this purpose on a sheet. The outer edge of the label interrupts the natural flow properties of the polyurethane. Then the resulting lens is dried, which makes it solid and gives it is protective properties. This flow process can also be interrupted by an additional overprinted soldermask. This allows the PU to also be partially applied to an emblem, as can be seen in the seal on the figure in the picture gallery.

The examples depicted show additional finishing options such as embossing (ROYALPLAST® Relief) and a combination of microprinting/printing, in order to emphasise fine details in a particular form.

See the highly detailed fine embossing and unique effect of this seal with ROYALPLAST® soldermask for yourself by requesting a sample.

You can find example applications and further product information on ROYALPLAST® here.

Manufactured in a carbon-neutral process in our plant in Bystrice.

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