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Aluminium surfaces come alive

Our versatile brushing and grinding technologies allow for intricate and exclusive designs. 

Use distinctive and customised aluminium brushed structures to highlight the quality and uniqueness of your products and show that you are unlike any other company in your industry. We offer a range of different surface finishing technologies, including custom designed brushed structures, full or partial, special inks, embossing, diamond cutting and micro-printing. These are also available in combination with other RATHGEBER products. Ask us for samples.

Your benefits:

  • Unique and complex brushed structures 
  • Enhanced appearance 
  • Full/partial brushing 

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Surface finishing for aluminium plates

We invite you to discover a wide variety of customisable labelling solutions for marketing and technology. The potential applications are as varied as your creativity. Be inspired by the successful examples provided by our clients. 
We look forward to turning your ideas into reality in our role as your consultant and partner. 

If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away.

We can put your ideas into practice!

Brushing structures (e.g. dice pattern) for aluminium plates  | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG

Thanks to our latest development in aluminium surface finishing, we can create completely new variations for you at any time. For example, using multiple brushing directions and different brushed structures – over the whole surface or selectively. As well as your plates and emblems, we can also finish large-format, two-dimensional aluminium panels with maximum dimensions of 1000 mm x 620 mm. We offer technical and marketing solutions tailored to your business. You benefit from our decades of experience.

The following products are suitable for customised brushed structures

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We can ensure continued rapid response and resolution times and our usual service. Our sales and customer service teams have partly switched to remote working and are available to assist you on the usual contact details via telephone, Email and Audio-/ Video conferences. We are also happy to support you with samples and all needed information regarding your questions to your projects and ideas.

If we have delays or limitations regarding deliveries will occur, we will inform you of course immediately.

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