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Infrared spectroscopy for material analysis and quality control

With infra-red spectroscopy, the composition of any surface can be determined; the result is a chemical fingerprint of each sample in the form of an infra-red spectrum. RATHGEBER is now using this possibility to monitor and analyse defects as part of its quality assurance programme. It is also possible to carry out a material analysis on unknown samples. This means that we can test your surface / substrate material in order to determine the best adhesive for your self-adhesive products.

Infra-red spectroscopy is suitable for the following applications:

  • Analysis of unknown goods samples, e.g. material analysis for self-adhesive products
  • Quality assurance and defect analysis

For further enquiries, please call us on +49 89 613007 99 or e-mail us at, putting "Infra-red spectroscopy" in the subject line.

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