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Marketing solution

Combinations of materials used to label special editions with great effect

Sonor, based in Bad Berleburg, Germany, is one of the most well-known makers of drum sets in the world. For years, RATHGEBER has played its own part in the company’s quest for perfection, right down to the last detail.

RATHGEBER supplies around 30 different items at present, including plates and emblems, but also the eyelets that surround the circular hole in each drum cylinder, from which the sound escapes. The company’s ‘two drumstick’ logo is also very impressive.

The second image shows one of the most extraordinary combinations of materials – a roughly matchbox-sized emblem with two drumsticks made from a beautifully grained wood,
cut with great precision from a sheet using laser technology and then fitted on the aluminium emblem. The wood used for the drumsticks in the logo is the same wood used to make the drums themselves.

Although admittedly it might seem like an involved process for one emblem, these details are central to Sonor’s business. We would be happy to advise you if you are interested in finding out about other possible combinations of materials.

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